SF Jacks!
Jacks Suspended!

Jacks Suspended!

No Meatings Till Further Notice :(

After having met in countless venues over the years, and on the brink of its 35th Anniversary, SFJacks finds itself homeless. Yup, we’re wandering wankers once again. We left the Center for Sex and Culture in January, when its lease expired. We secured a new venue and had two meatings in February. We then discovered it did not fulfill the safety standards Jacks believes are necessary for our large gatherings. Although the current real estate situation in San Francisco makes finding a new venue difficult, we are on the hunt and optimistic.
Please stay in touch, and be among the first to know where a new home for Jacks will be.

  • For more info, call: 415 267-6999

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The Jacks is a fellowship of men who like to jack-off in the company of like-minded men. Neither a business nor a religion, the Jacks is a public service organization. Traditionally loose, goofy, semi-spontaneous, Jacks' provides the space, you call the shots: creative peckerplay is its own reward. Jacks' rules are simple: mandatory nudity; j.o. play only. Suggested donation is $10 (sliding scale; no one turned away for lack of funds). Clothes check, refreshments and lubricant provided; you provide the dick and the desire. Call the Jacks Hotline, (415) 267-6999. And then, cum -- Join the SF Jacks for an evening of poetry in motion, where you, too, may SEE THE THING ITSELF.

Comments? Email: TheThingItself@SFJacks.com